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There is only one way to guarantee that your business gets on the first page of any Google search, and that’s Paid Search Marketing (also called Pay Per Click advertising). By placing an ad on Google’s search results, you can get you business out in front of more customers and increase the amount of traffic to your website.

But paid searches are more difficult than they sound: you need to make sure the people you are bringing to your site are actually good leads, otherwise your return on investment will suffer.

At TECHVELOP, our paid search team is adept at using the right keywords to target your ideal lead and convert them into a customer.

Targeting the Right Leads

Connecting your PPC ads with the right customers is more difficult than you think. To do it right, the experts at TECHVELOP conduct rigorous research to determine which keywords are best for both your campaign and your ideal customer.

We will build you the most relevant and exhaustive list of keywords, including longtail, low-cost keywords, in order to make your campaign as successful as possible

By focusing all of your efforts on getting the right people to click on your paid search ads, we can help improve the conversion rate from clicks to consumers and ensure you a healthy return on investments.

AdWords Trained

Google AdWords is the single most popular and most important search engine for paid search marketing. Unfortunately, that means that the competition for valuable PPC ads on Google can be stiff.

Things are further complicated by the fact that the AdWords system is not a simple transactional placement, but an intense bidding process that relies on an number of factors, including your maximum bid, cost per click rates, and your site's quality score.

Our PPC consultants are AdWord certified and trained to use the AdWords bidding system to your advantage, exploiting every possible technique to get your ads to appear on the most relevant keyword searches.

Want to get to page one of key Google searches? Then PPC advertising is your best bet. To learn more about our comprehensive PPC management services, contact TECHVELOP's team of search engine marketing experts today.

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