Excel Addin & Custom Web Portal

Revenue Edge provides comprehensive services that create top-line growth and improve fundamental operating procedures for the multi-family housing industry.

Technology Applied

ASP.net Framework, C#, MS SQL Database, AJAX, JSON


Custom Web Portal

Customer Since January 2015


They were using MS Access it was hard to maintain data across their departments. They needed a centralized location to store data to allow their employees access to data anytime they needed. Revenue Edge also provides their clients with custom reports that they tediously crafted with Excel. Each report could take hours to complete!


We became a Subject Matter Expert within their industry. This enabled us to automate their data entry process and reduce mindless data entry by 50%! We engineered a custom web portal with MS SQL database backend to support their growing needs. Reports are generated with SSRS with a dedicated SQL Server Hosting. Now, pulling reports takes less than 30 seconds to generate and print to PDF to send to their clients. Data is available to all employees with access to the portal.

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