Direct Marketing


Direct marketing is advertising in which we provide physical marketing materials to consumers about your products or services. We design and print your marketing idea then distribute using USPS mailing routes to residential, or both residential and businesses.

Why This Works

Our direct marketing always have a call to action, encouraging potential customers to react to the mailer. We can segment a route by average income, average age and 1-3 mile radius from a zip code.

The return on investment is better than other marketing campaigns. For example, for a little as $2,000 you can reach over 4000 customers and most will even see your mailer and will at least have some brand recognition. Your mailer will not be bundled with other advertisments like a Valpak. It will be more like a big postcard where custmoers can easily see your ad.

Integration with Direct Mailing

We can customized your website for further engagement of the marketing idea, integrate social sites like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and google analytics.

Let Us Create the Perfect Direct Marketing Campaign

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