Why Automate Your Work Process?

Your business seems like a well oiled machine, but would you want to reduce labor costs and increase productivity from your employees? Do you know how much work goes into creating a report based on numbers across multiple sources?

As demand for your business grows, you need to think about automating the manual process as soon as possible. But Why? Here are our top 3 reasons why you should automate your buisess process now:

1. Quality and Consistency

When your process performs the same, you get high quality and reliable results. With the same process, you'll create the same results across your workflow.

2. Save Time

Manual process requires more time to complete. Automating your process will reduce the number of tasks your employees have to do. Our automate process reduce labor while increasing productivity.

3. Increase Profits

Automation will reduce your workload. This will free your time to find more clients to serve, increasing your bottom line!

"Techvelop reduced our workload by half! We are able to get more clients without using more resources."

Stacy Westbay, Revenue Edge Strategice Pricing Solutions

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Services We Offer


MS Excel Addin & Macros

Your data are from different sources. Excel create a nice format where you can see and manipulate your data. This manual process takes time and most likely are full of errors. Our automation process can reduce your workload by 80%!

Custom Web Portal

Automation is better when you can access your data. We offer cloud storage for all your data and a custom web portal built for your business need.

Custom Reports

Once we have all your data in on central place, we offer custom reports to showcase those data. We have multiple solutions based on your needs and criteria.

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